“eva“ – evolution of agriculture is based on the believe that every person must have access to healthy food.


“eva“ – evolution of agriculture is based on the belief that every person must have access to healthy food. Our concept is based on the vision to turn every consumer into a producer – a so called prosumer – by offering him a device that enables access to healthy food from a reliable source - which is himself. “eva“ is a household appliance, which allows everyone to produce the actual value of nutrients for a healthy diet in every kitchen.

My Role

Research, Conception, UI Design, Prototyping

Team Members

Tobias Albrecht, Beatrice Busch, Philipp Ries




eva –
evolution of agriculture

eva is constructed „hyper modular“, which adapts to the different needs of different users in advance. The concept is based on three main modules which contain the so-called “hyper modules“: a microgreen, aqua and insect module can be freely combined. Tastes are different so there is no problem in growing exclusively microgreens or other combinations with to the modular system. The „eva“-unit measures 60x40x60 cm and is a built-in home appliance.


User Interface

The User Interface shows all important information for the user about the breeding process. Within the colored circles is the time until the harvest. The switchable glass reacts on approach and allows one to take a look inside the module. Besides of information about the breeding process eva has a built in community to share recipes and breeding results.


Augmented Reality Glass

If the glass is switched to transparent, there is information on each object inside, using augmented reality. This allows us to show information exactly at the location it is referring to.

eva Mobile App

With the eva-App you can order new pads, check your own profil or share your breeding with your friends. Of course you also can monitor your breeding process if you're not at home.



The microgreen-modules are based on a hydroponic system which can reduce water consumption by up to 95% compared to conventional agriculture, while at the same time increasing the nutrient content of the plant threefold by using nutrient enriched water.


Tasty Insects

We are convinced that the benefits of insects as opposed to meat are extraordinary - and therefore provide a vital source of protein for the user at home. The insect module consists of four „hyper module“, enhancing the possibility to grow various types of insects simultaneously. The insect pad is filled with insect eggs and wrapped into a microorganisms-enriched paste, which feeds the insect larvae until they are big enough to be harvested. The harvest is automatically initiated by the system at the optimum time. This means that the user never has contact with the living insects.


The aquaculture module has a capacity of 40 liters. Unlike the other categories of modules, the module can not moved out of the base housing, because of the risk of leaking water and to prevent the water from becoming contaminated through outside influences.


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