We have developed tools to support startups and enterprises to make the complexity of product development understandable and drive important strategic decisions.


We have created the Health Product Wheel Canvas and a 130 pages playbook for start-ups in the german health sector. We use the playbook to help them to create user centered products that fit into the market.

After having successfully tested the canvas with various startups, we developed a second version of the canvas that’s usable for every product, even outside of the health market.

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Strategic Design, Consultant, Facilitation


Aperto GmbH | IBM iX


Techniker Krankenkasse / IBM iX


2018 - 2019

Health Product Wheel

The Playbook has 130 pages and explains in detail how you can use the Health Product Wheel for your product. Additionally it gives you detailed instructions for over 20 methods that help gathering the information you need to fill up your Health Product Wheel Canvas.


Health Product Wheel 

The Canvas is a tool we have developed in cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse.
The Health Product Wheel enables consideration of all relevant aspects to develop a successful product, understanding complex contexts and thus leading the product to success.

Workshops & Materials

In addition to the Canvas and the Playbook we created different workshop formats. Through these, the participants can learn how the they can apply the methods to their projects.


The Product Wheel

Due to our experience with the Health Product Wheel, we were able to develop a general tool that can help teams in different contexts.

The Product Wheel is a tool to support startups and enterprises to make the complexity of product development understandable and drive important strategic decisions.


See the whole picture

Especially with large and long-term projects, we always reach the point where we have the feeling of losing the whole picture. This is where the Product Wheel helps us to see the big picture and understand how the different aspects interact.


When different disciplines work together, communication difficulties often arise. Here the canvas can be used to achieve a common understanding and to align everyone with common goals and milestones.

Detect blind spots

The canvas can also help to identify gaps and thus determine which topics the team should focus on next.



The center of the Canvas is all about your solution



The core summarizes the most important aspects of your product or service



The context describes all factors that influence the core of the product

From context to core

For each area, it is best to proceed from outside to inside: That is, you work on the context first, then you work on the core. The Product Wheel is a cycle. With the knowledge gained from the previous cycle, you can repeat the cycle at any time to iteratively achieve the best result.


Three perspectives

Challenge your solution from three essential perspectives: From the user's point of view, the business point of view and the technical feasibility.


We were able to use the canvas in a lot of different projects across IBM iX to give clients a better understanding why they always need to have User, Business and Technology in mind.


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